Lab Amenities & Equipment
Flexible and affordable access to quality bench space and equipment
• Fume hoods
• Shaker
• Autoclave
• -80 Freezer
• Glass washer
• -20 Freezer
• Biosafety Cabinet
• Ultra Pure Water System
• Centrifuge
• Refrigerator
Flexible Space Options
From 6 feet of bench to over 2,000 square feet of lab space.
Shared Common Lab
•Shared access to incubators, freezer, stirrers, centrifuge etc.
•IP Free Space
•Access to autoclave and purified water system
•Work alongside like minded scientists
Space begins at 6 linear ft.
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Private Suite
•Opportunity to outfit private suit to fit lab needs
•IP Free Space
•Access to autoclave and purified water system
•Select private company access
Space begins at 2,000 sq ft.
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Nebraska Innovation Campus Advantage
Calling NIC home opens the door to numerous advantages. Among them:
Access to culture
Our intentionally designed environment with strategically placed open spaces beautifully lends itself to the sharing of ideas and their synergistic development.
Access to talent
NIC is located adjacent to, and within biking distance of, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and within 50 miles of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, providing opportunities to connect with research partnerships, qualified employees and motivated students.
Access to resources
NIC provides the opportunity to become affiliate employees of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, complimentary access to University of Nebraska–Lincoln libraries, access to students, faculty and facilities, convenient bus transportation and complimentary Wi-Fi in common spaces at NIC and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.