About Us

About Us

What is BioTech Connector?

With over 7,700 sq. ft. of well-equipped wet-lab space, we provide incubation and accelerator services to bioscience startups and high-growth biotech and research-based businesses in the agriculture sector.

Who are we?

In 2015, a small group of interested organizations began working together to plan the BTC. We are Nebraska’s first startup wet lab incubator and are located at Nebraska Innovation Campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The founding organizations:

The US Department of Commerce-Economic Development Administration (EDA), the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED), Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC), Bio Nebraska, Invest Nebraska Corporation, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), and Nebraska Innovation Campus.

How do we help?

We solve the problem of lack of wet-lab space to develop biotech commercial proof of concept prototypes in Nebraska. We facilitate the development of companies in areas of native strength for Nebraska, within an area that is growing (nationally) at three times the average growth rate of other industries. The BTC provides a critical link and previously missing infrastructure required to facilitate the development and growth of early-stage biotech companies in Nebraska by providing the first access to wet-lab space for bench level scientists to develop commercial projects.

The BTC represents an important opportunity to serve the economic needs of the people of Nebraska through further diversification of Nebraska’s economy, and by helping forge and illuminate a pathway to jobs in the biotechnology space for Nebraska students.

We provide equipment and services needed for bench startup companies and commercial research. We have options ranging from six linear feet of bench space to over 1,500 square feet of dedicated laboratory. We also offer commercialization support, access to IP support – such as freedom to operate analysis, experienced life science mentors and assistance for qualified firms preparing non-dilutive SBIR or DED R&D grant applications, partners with venture funding capacity.

Why Nebraska?

Nebraska is home to over 1,000 bioscience companies* that produce a wide array of products including instruments, reagents, medical devices, vaccines, adjuvants, ag-related chemicals, fuels, and cosmetic additives.

These companies employ almost 16,000 people, with a multiplier effect that supports a total of around 88,000 Nebraska jobs. This effect is particularly beneficial for the state’s small and medium-sized communities.*

The average annual salary at a Nebraska bioscience company is $61,701 compared with $40,640 for the state’s overall private sector.*







To offer well-equipped wet-laboratory space suitable for startups and biotech firms.
To grow Nebraska’s economy by facilitating in the development, support, and launch of new biotechnology startups.
To offer collaborative commercial research partnerships and educational programs that provide opportunities for life science industries in Nebraska.
To empower entrepreneurial scientists.
To mentor and support the biotech firms.